Krystal Ramirez is a Las Vegas-based artist working across media, utilizing photography, found materials and found text to engage in motifs of race, gender, and physical/emotional labor within the framework of her Latinidad. Employing labor-intensive craft and repetition, she constructs unfinished thoughts as text works for her audience to read and consider. To consider language as a tool of oppression. A subjective code indoctrinated unto us from birth all dependent on our geographical location and social class. She’s interested in the female gaze, the construction of identity and the subjective experience of language.  Much of the work is participatory and political. She wishes to create a discernible relationship between language and our ever-evolving identities. As of late her experimentations lay within typography and color. With a special interest in handmade poster board signs, a performative medium of expression for protesters at political rallies and a practical means of communication for vendors at swap meets. Given the ubiquity of such signs in social media posts she wishes to examine the overzealous individualism of sign making within the world of Feminism, Art and Politics in the digital age.